Turin’s CSC Animazione and their short movies.

Turin’s CSC Animazione and their short movies.

Special thanks go to CSC Animazione – Piemonte and their educational coordinator Chiara Magri for the collaboration to our project “Corti a Pasqua”. We present you six short movies made by the students in Turin, and here are their details:

The Pastry Chef (Mâitre Pâtissier)

by Alberto Antinori, Adolfo di Molfetta, Giulia Landi, Eugenio Laviola

Soundtrack: Fulvio Chiara

Lenght: 6’ 35”; Year of production: 2010

Plot: The best Pastry Chef in town has a terrible temper, and he is very jealous of his desserts…

Festivals/awards: Klik! Amsterdam; Cinanima Espinho; Interfilm Berlin; Red Stick Animation Festival USA.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQfOGu2qh8c&list=PLKEGwnyYBrRlYGoF2fdv9cqZL_oeGrkzs&index=1

– – –

Oblò, amazing laudrette

by Martina Carosso, Ilaria Giacometti, Mathieu Narduzzi, Eura Pancaldi

Soundtrack: Fulvio Chiara

Lenght: 6’35”; Year of production: 2014

Plot: The porthole of an old washing machine thrown in a dumpster brings back an adventurous childhood memory.

Festivals/Awards: Giffoni Film Festival category award; “Stars of students” Hiroshima int. animation festival.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0AeXaXH-Qg&list=PLKEGwnyYBrRlo8J9QYHe5i3Ieww0Iyvpd&index=2

– – –


by Simone Cirillo, Simone Di Rocco, Dario Livietti, Alice Tagliapietra

Soundtrack: Fulvio Chiara

Lenght: 7’21”; Year of production: 2017

Plot: Master Deer conducts botanic experiments in his wonderful garden, but his young apprentice is perhaps a bit too dynamic…

Festivals/awards: ““Giuseppe Laganà” Award Asifa Italia-Cartoon Italia; Euganea Film Festival; Cinekid Amsterdam.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAgeph5ZjR0&list=PLKEGwnyYBrRkax5snd-I57Ki28xRHqzx-&index=2

– – –


by Marta Gennari, Giulia Martinelli

Lenght: 5’40”; Year of production: 2016

Plot: An old lady, a lively young girl, a rather dumb wolf…does it ring a bell?

Festivals/awards: Emile – European Animation Award: Best student Film ; 1st prize and Audience Award – Hamburg Animation Award ; Prize for the Best Graduation/School film – Cinanima , Portogallo; Special Prize of the Jury – Krok , Russia; Special Prize Primanima, Hungary; Special Prize YOO Kwang-sun – BIAF, Korea; “Giuseppe Laganà” Award Asifa Italia-Cartoon Italia.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZpzM5C44dw

– – –

Azzurra e Midori

by Elena Garofalo, Marta Giuliani, Laura Piunti

Soundtrack: Fulvio Chiara

Lenght: 6’28”; Year of production: 2017

Plot: Azzurra is an “otaku” who loves mangas to death and is fed up with Italy, so she visits Japan, where a young girl will unexpectedly teach her something important…

Festivals: Imaginaria, Conversano; AleKino Poznan, Cartoon Club Rimini, Monstra Lisbon.

Link: https://youtu.be/1oe2VbOzY5I

– – –

The King Dom

by Marco Raffaelli, Elena Sorrentino, Melania Campanaro, Giacomo Bianchi

Soundtrack: Fulvio Chiara

Lenght: 6’12”; Year of production: 2019

Plot: Dom, a kid eager to explore the world, an overprotective mother, a rather absent-minded father.

Festivals: Imaginaria, Conversano; Animex Awards UK, Cartoon Club Rimini; Animateka Lubiana.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ0xx2NiNIw&list=PLKEGwnyYBrRkQUHIPzbqbuKsvvmaN-OXU&index=5

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