Shortfilm Conference

Shortfilm Conference

Since it was born in 2004, Sedicicorto International Film Festival has always pursued the objective of promoting short films, encouraging the work of young artists, helping the distribution of independent films and up-and-coming filmmakers with intriguing points of view on social and cultural topics. At the same time, our festival has kept building new links and partnerships with some of the most important international schools of cinema, distributors and production companies all over the world, as well as with several international cinema associations.

To follow these objectives, in 2017 Sedicicorto IFF decided to join Short Film Conference, an international no-profit organisation founded in 1970. The main objectives of this organisation are promoting and distributing short films, increasing the international film festivals’ attention on this topic. In order to achieve this, Short Film Conference provides these festivals with tools and contacts to help national studios promoting the work of young filmmakers to the international public.

Sedicicorto International Film Festival completely agrees with these objectives and is well aware of all the advantages that being part of a prestigious organisation like Short Film Conference can bring. The festival is glad to announce that from March 2019 one of its representatives will be part of the Short Film Conference board of directors, the managing and coordinating body of this organisation. The board is responsible for every activity of Short Film Conference, from maintaining partnerships between the members to managing relationships with distributors and producers, not to mention the promotion of the national cinematography.

We are honoured to be part of this organisation. It is another demonstration of the Festival’s international spirit that has guided our actions for the past 16 years. And last but not least, this will keep us inspired to improve our activity as short film promoters and lovers.

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Translated by Luca Regano

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