Sedicicorto2020: starting over with CortoInLoco

Sedicicorto2020: starting over with CortoInLoco

Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival, scheduled for October 2nd to 11th2020, announces its first competitive section: CortoInLoco, the competition dedicated to the productions filmed in the Emilia-Romagna region and to local filmmakers. This category is more important than ever in 2020. Not only are the 15 selected short films of outstanding merit, but they also demonstrate the vitality of this territory and of its efficient system in a time of extreme and tragic crisis.

The majority of the works had been completed before the Covid-19 lockdown, which provides an added value. The CortoInLoco selection is already a testimony of a cinema from another time. In the Year Zero After Covid, a film like L’estasi di Oleg, the story of a painter who decides to quarantine himself to find his inspiration again, takes on a completely different meaning compared to a few months ago. The same goes for Il fagotto, set in a future world that needs to be repopulated, where women can no longer choose whether to be mothers, but only when to be. These stories have a different value, a different intensity. The Berlin bus in Vomag by Riccardo Salvetti seems like a wonderful utopia. Leo’s dream to become a sprinter in Senza Vento represents a collective desire for freedom. Christian’s concern for his brother Giulio reminds us of the importance of caring for children, as told in Giusto il tempo di una sigaretta by Valentina Casadei. The young protagonist of Sam’s Castle, who is building a never-ending castle, is a metaphor for the lost spring of 2020. As is Olga Torrico’s Gas Station, which tells us to look at our past in order to build our future. However, there is also room for comedy, for example in Quasi Attori, a short film dealing with the precarious situation of a group of “almost actors”. The selection was judged by the students at the Cesena Film School, a very well established institution in Emilia-Romagna.

Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival’s 17th edition will be held in a hybrid form, with the competitions streaming on, the technical partner of the event. The determination to make the festival happen despite the difficulties comes fully from the desire to continue to tell stories.   

CortoInLoco is only formally a regional category because marking borders makes less and less sense in a world that has found itself interconnected in the most dramatic of ways. Orfeo Orlando’s Buon viaggio, a short film shot during lockdown, is as appreciated as it is necessary.

CortoInLoco – Official 2020 Selection

Balkanika, Lu Pulici
Buon viaggioOrfeo Orlando
Cheratina RossaAlessandro Fiori
DisambiguaFrancesca Leoni
Gas StationOlga Torrico
Giusto il tempo per una sigarettaValentina Casadei
Il FagottoGiulia Giapponesi
L’ Attesa di Daouda, Kristian Gianfreda
L’ Estasi di Oleg, Francesco Selvi
L’ Occasione di RitaFrancesco Barozzi
Quasi AttoriAlessandro Valbonesi
Salse ConnectionFrancesco Barozzi
Sam’s CastleGiona Dapporto
Senza ventoChristian Betti, Nicola Rossi
VomagRiccardo Salvetti

XVII Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival, October 2-11 2020, on, Sedicicorto official website, Sala San Luigi and Auditorium Intesa Sanpaolo.

Sedicicorto International Film Festival Forlì 2020 was created with the support of the Municipality of Forlì, Film Commission Emilia-Romagna, Emilia-Romagna Region, DG Cinema e Audiovisivo – Mibact and Fondazione Cassa dei risparmi fi Forlì, sponsored by Daniele Alessandrini Abbigliamento and Cantine DreiDonà, with the patronage of the European Parliament.

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