Sedicicorto 2020. The Generation G Award goes to Andrea Lattanzi e Ludovica Martino

Sedicicorto 2020. The Generation G Award goes to Andrea Lattanzi e Ludovica Martino

Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival grants for the second time the Generation G Award, dedicated to the rising stars of international cinema. Short films are a good training ground for both authors and actors, who often take their first steps in the short film field.

This year, the artistic director Gianluca Castellini chose two young actors who, in the last twelve months, showed they have a bright future ahead of them. This decision was supported by the prestigious and popular FilmIsNow, one of the top-5 most read cinema and tv-series websites and the media partner that assigns the Generation G award.

After Andrea Carpenzano and Daphne Scoccia were awarded the prize in 2019, this year it is the turn of Andrea Lattanzi and Ludovica Martino.

23-year-old Ludovica Martino, from Rome, made her screen debut at 18 in the Italian TV-series Tutto può succedere, but she became known to the public at large thanks to her role as Eva Brighi in the cult show Skam Italia. She was later chosen by Giacomo CIarrapico and Luca Vendruscolo, authors of the Italian show Boris, for their series Liberi Tutti. At the same time, director Leonardo D’Agostini wanted her alongside her fellow award-winner Andrea Carpenzano in the movie Il Campione. She was then cast in Sotto il sole di Riccione (Under the Riccione Sun), directed by YouNuts, a Nextflix movie inspired by Sapore di mare (Time for Loving). We will soon see her in Marco D’Amore’s Security, directed by Peter Chelsom and based on the novel by Stephen Amidon.

Andrea Lattanzi,28, also from Rome, is the revelation of Dario Albertini’s beautiful 2018 film Manuel. In the same year, he also played in the movie Sulla mia pelle (On my skin). Lattanzi was already linked to Sedicicorto, as he was one of the main characters of Indimenticabile, the short film by Gianluca Santoni winner of CortItalia 2019. He is also, just like Ludovica Martino, linked to the Riviera Romagnola through the Netflix show Summertime, the second season of which is already being filmed. Curiously, he will also work alongside a Generation G awardee in Palazzo di Giustizia, starring Daphne Scoccia.

Ludovica Martino e Andrea Lattanzi will be present to the Sedicicorto 2020 Film Festival (the details of the event have yet to be determined), and it will be a beautiful occasion to celebrate together the future of Italian cinema.

Sedicicorto International Film Festival Forlì 2020 will be held from October 2nd to 11th, 2020. Sedicicorto International Film Festival Forlì 2020 was created with the support of the Municipality of Forlì, Film Commission Emilia-Romagna, Emilia-Romagna Region, DG Cinema e Audiovisivo – Mibact and Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì, sponsored by Daniele Alessandrini Abbigliamento and Cantine DreiDonà, with the patronage of the European Parliament.

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