“Rwanda” becomes a movie that will premiere in Venice

“Rwanda” becomes a movie that will premiere in Venice

The theatrical drama “Rwanda” becomes a movie. It will premiere in Venice.

The movie Rwanda has its first premiere at Lido, supported by  Sedicicorto International Film Festival and FEDIC

Thanks to “one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns for cinema of the last decade” (Radio 105 – SmartUp!), Rwanda the movie has brought together the enthusiasm and the support of a large community that become the first supporter of this cinema project that actually started from the bottom.

Thanks to the support of traditional media and a social media, the public could follow all the movie steps from the creation to its final realisation. And therefore Rwanda became an example of innovation in the Italian film industry by becoming a media hype. Thousands of people, literally, made the movie come to life, and now these thousands of people can’t wait to become its audience.

The wait is over. Thanks to the stubbornness, as well as a pinch of courage, two film makers both under-40, Ricardo Salvetti (director) and Marco Cortesi (screenwriter and actor, as in the theatrical version), in partnership with Sedicicorto International Film Festivaland Federazione Italiana Cineclub who believed and decided to support this project, Rwanda will have its world premier on 1 September at Lido in Venice,in agreement with Giornate degli Autori.

Gianluca Castellini, artistic director of Sedicicorto, and also on behalf of FEDIC, stated:

We know Riccardo Salvetti and Marco Cortesi for many years now. It would have been impossible for us not to see and appreciate the work of these two Forlì film makers, who gave new value to the role of the city of Forlì both in the theatre and in the film industry. I had the chance to follow all the steps of the making of the movie and also watch the movie before anyone else, as Sedicicorto and FEDIC we couldn’t but support this project and, also thanks to the contribution of Paolo Micalizzi, who understood the innovative cinematic language, we have decided to be on the front line to support this adventure that is heading to Venice.

Rwandabrings onto the big screen a piece of History that only apparently seems to be far in time and space, but that is actually addressing topics of our current times. In a society that is getting more and more multiethnic and globaslised, the coexistence among people with different backgrounds is a challenge that needs to be overcome in order to guarantee a future of peace and cooperation. Rwanda does not only speak to our present times, but the movie uses a new productive mechanisms. The movie set itself became a lab for integration and cooperation: more than 480 men and women from 24 countries of central Africa had to interpret a part of their own past. Together with many citizens of Rwanda who had to play their roles during those dramatic events that shook the country during the spring of 1994.

On Rwanda, Giorgio Gosetti,  artistic director of Giornate degli Autori stated:

The screenings will take place at Auditorium Santa Maria Elisabetta at Lido (Riviera Santa Maria Elisabetta, 3 – Lido VENICE):

  • Saturday 1 September

8.30 pm ~ Presentation by Marco Cortesi, Riccardo Salvetti and Sedicicorto-FEDIC

9 pm ~ Movie screening (followed by Q&A with authors and movie crew)

  • Sunday 2 September

4pm and 9 pm ~ Second and third screenings

Monday 3 September there will be meetings with the public and interviews with the press for them to meet the whole cast and the crew that took part in the movie.


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