Sbellicati”, the new hilarious series of screening by Sedicicorto, starts on April 12th

After the great success of Asimmetricain February and the participation of more than 100 children in the Animare Storyevents in March, Sedicicorto is ready to come back with a new series of screenings that are all about comedy.

Sbellicatistarts on Friday April 12th and will show three short films over three evenings(the following will be on Thursday April 18th and Friday April 26th). The whole festival is dedicated to comedy, and all the short films are part of the 15-year Sedicicorto Festival archive. The audience will be invited to vote for its favourite, choosing the funniest short film of Sedicicorto International Film Festival.

As the audience showed great enthusiasm for the post-screening quiz of Asimmetrica, Sedicicorto decided to entertain its audience with a brand new quiz in Sbellicati. The quiz consists of detailed questions, hilarious particulars and fun facts about the films, and will be done in each of the three evenings to test the attention of the audience. If you get all the answers right, you can win a nice gadget of the Festival.

On the choice of screening comic short movies, Sedicicorto Art DirectorGianluca Castellini said:

Laughs have an almost therapeutic power. We strongly believe in it, and the idea of being able to share it with our audience seems great to us. We also wanted to point out that comedy is a genre which authors have become more and more interested in, above all over the last few years and even in Italian productions. So, more and more international short film festivals, including ours, are starting to aim at it.

All the events of Sbellicati will take place at the EXATR depot in Forlì (Via Ugo Bassi, 16), starting from 9 p.m. The entrance is free.

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Translated by Angela Luchak

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