5. Animare Film Festival

5. Animare Film Festival

The 5° edition of the International Animated Film Festival ANIMARE will take place in Cesenatico from 5th to 11th July. The jury, formed by about 90 children from 3 to 12 years of age, will have to choose the 16 finalists among 454 works coming from 26 countries. The Festival includes the following appointments:

05 July 15SundayVillamarina-Piazza Volta 1st day Preview Programme
06 July 15MondayValverde-Piazzale Michelangelo  2nd day Preview Programme
07 July 15TuesdayCesenatico-Ponente in front of Bagno Medusa3rd day Preview Programme
08 July 15WednesdayZadina- Rotonda Kennedy  4th day Preview Programme
09 July 15ThursdayCesenatico-Piazzetta delle Conserve 1st day Competition
10 July 15FridayCesenatico-Piazzetta delle Conserve 2nd day Competition
11 July 15SaturdayCesenatico-Piazzetta delle Conserve FINAL COMPETITION

° Animare Film Festival is promoted by Cooperativa Stabilimenti Balneari di Cesenatico.
° Animare is the film festival with the youngest jury in the world: 90 children from 3 to 12 years of age will vote for a selection of animated films including the best international productions.
° The “preview” programme includes the finalists of the 2014 edition.
° The 16 finalists of the 2015 competition come from 8 countries. The submissions received are 485.
° To take part in the festival jury, please send a request to: info@sedicicorto.it or send an sms to the number: +39 347 2563211. The first 90 requests will be accepted.
° For information, visit the website: www.ani-mare.it, or send an e-mail to: info@sedicicorto.it or call the number +39 347 2563211.
° In case of bad weather, the screenings of the competition will be held in Palazzo del Turismo.
° The winner will be awarded with a money prize of 500€.
° All children who are part of the jury are authorized by their parents.

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