Sedicicorto at Ningbo Short Film Festival

Sedicicorto at Ningbo Short Film Festival

Sedicicorto has finalised in its promotion project for the Italian short film industry during the Ningbo Short Film Festival in Ningbo, Zhejian

The Cinamaitalia project was created by Sedicicorto to promote Italian short films production and to make young and emerging Italian directors known in the People’s Republic of China. It ended in Zhejiang’s area after being presented in Beijing and at Shenzhen’s short film market.

Ningbo’s short film festival takes place in Beilun district, in the new cinema themed area of Bodi, where Chinese municipality is working to create an area dedicated to the development of new cinematographic collaborations. Near Bodi there’s also Xiangshan, a place where you can find the second biggest Chinese studio where national movies and TV series are made, along with international coproductions, right in the Xiangshan Global Studios.

On 15th December, four Italian short films have been played in Ningbo as part of the Cinamaitalia promotion project. They were chosen by the Chinese organisation in cooperation with Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival“Piano terra” by Natalino Zangaro“Il ricordo di domani” by Davide Petrosino“Riccardo che rimbalzò sulle stelle” by Lana Vlady“Voler essere felici ad ogni costo” by Michele Bertini Malgherini.

Translation: Alessandra Pierantoni

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