2014 Edition

Palmares 2014

16ORO - Movie Xe tải của bố Mauricio Osaki Brazil/Vietnam
16ORO - Animalab Simulacra Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson Croatia
16ORO - Cortitalia Tacco 12 Valerio Vestoso Italy
16ORO - Animare Dustin Kristina Jäger Germany
Special Mention-Movie Tout ce que tu ne peux pas laisser derrière toi Nicolas Lasnibat France
Special Mention-Animalab Hasta Santiago Mauro Carraro Switzerland
Special Mention-Cortitalia Il Serpente Nicola Prosatore Italy
University Award Jiminy Arthur Molard France
Euroshort Award Defa e Moghadas Nima Mohaghegh Netherlands
Best Documentary Scars of Cambodia Alexandre Liebert France
Best Script Prins Filip Alexandra Arcari Gimdal - Torbjörn Fraenckel Sweden
Audience Award Superman n'est pas juif Jimmy Bemon France
Cortoinloco Award E Divèri Silvia Bigi Italy
Fedic Award Piove Francesco Zucchi, Lu Pulici Italy
Corte Tripoli Award Thriller Giuseppe Marco Albano Italy
Gilberto Giorgetti Award Nacho Calorro Emilio Sánchez Zaballos Spain
Press Award Avant que de tout perdre Xavier Legrand France
Artistic Direction Award Targishi Babaiet Helli Hardy Israel
Best Actor Piove Roberto Agostino Italy
Best Comedy Gran Futuro Sergio Paton Spain
01 – Associazione Sedicicorto promotes the 11th Annual of SEDICICORTO International Film Festival, that will take place in Forlì (Italy) from  3rdOctober 2014  to  11th October 2014. 02 – The Film Festival is divided into 4 competitive sections and accepts submissions of any short film produced after 1st January 2012. The maximum running time allowed is 40 minutes (including credits):
  1. a)MOVIE               –   International Fiction Films
  2. b)ANIMALAB      –   International Animation & Experimental Films
  3. c)DOCUSHORT  –   International Documentaries
  4. d)CORTITALIA    –   National Films of Any Genre
  03 – Submissions are FREE and the deadline is 5th June 2014 and it is possible to submit works by following the procedures you will find on the following websites: – www.shortfilmdepot.com – www.movibeta.com – www.sedicicorto.it – www.festhome.com Each author is entitled to more submissions, sending the following material:
  1. a) a DVD copy of the film or a digital file with upload
  2. b) a copy of the signed Entry Form for each film submitted.
  04 – Short films in languages other than Italian must include English or French or Italian subtitles, otherwise a complete dialogue list is required.   05 – The material – whose shipping costs will be paid by the sender – must be mailed to the following address:   SEDICICORTO Festival C.P.  n°8  S.Martino in Strada 47121 Forlì (ITALY)   06 – The Festival Organization is not responsible for the copyright protection regarding the work(s) presented. The author of the film must specify if he/she is in the register of SIAE or similar Authors’ Society for the protection of copyright.   07 – The Festival Jury, consisting of members from the artistic and academic fields, will decide the prize awards and the decisions of the jury are final. The list of the selected films will be published on the Festival website by 5th September 2014 and the films included in this list will be screened during the Festival, whose program will be published on the website by 5th September 2014.   08 – The first prize (open to all competitive sections) consists of the trophy Lumìn + 500 € and will be awarded to the best film from each of the following sections: MOVIE – ANIMALAB – CORTITALIA As far as prize money is concerned, it will be validated only with the presence of at least one film representative during the award ceremony. The Jury reserves the right to cancel, vary, integrate awards and mentions and has the authority to suspend the prize in case the winners or their delegates do not participate in the award ceremony. Prize money will be sent to the winners by bank transfer within 60 days from the end of the Festival, subject to prior communication of the bank account details by the recipient.   09 – Hotel accommodation and a fixed lump-sum refund of the travel expenses are offered only for the final 2 (two) days of the Festival to Italian authors and for the final 3 (three) days to foreign authors, and only one representative for each finalist will be entitled to it, although exceptions may be considered by the Organization.   10 – The participants authorize the Festival Organization to process the personal data (according to the Italian law 675/96) contained in their works and complementary material. They also authorize the Festival Organization to file their work(s) in the archives of the Organization Offices, where they will be catalogued and made available for any screening, event, and broadcast promoted by Associazione Sedicicorto, solely for cultural and not for commercial purposes (unless otherwise specified in the Entry Form at the moment of the submission). The participation implies full acceptance of all the above-mentioned conditions. The Organization reserves the right to cancel or modify the event, if necessary. These rules and regulations are available in Italian and in English. In case of interpretation problems, the Italian version must be considered.   11 – For further information, please contact:  info@sedicicorto.it , or  16corto@gmail.com , or  mail@sedicicorto.it Or call the phone number +39 347 2563211. All notifications will be published on the Festival website, together with any information that may not be explicitly provided in this call for entries: www.sedicicorto.it

Davide Savelli – Author and director of television programs, he has been working on various shows and documentaries for the main Italian television channels and received national recognitions (Jury Mention Ilaria Alpi) and international awards (Bafta Awards, Hot Bird Awards). He currently lives in Rome and works for Rai Cultura, following especially Rai Storia productions. He teaches Theory and Technique of the Audiovisual Production for the Degree Course in Mass Media and Politics of the University of Bologna, Forlì branch.

Cinzia Spironello is the founder and sales manager of Other Voices, so far, the only Italian distribution company focused on national and international short films. After the Master in Cultural Communication and the publication of her graduation thesis, she left Italy for Spain, where she worked for several years.  Between 2009 and 2011 she covered different positions at the Mecal Film Festival in Barcelona. In 2011 she moved to Valencia, becoming the Acquisitions and Sales Manager for Some Like it Short and attending the most important festivals worldwide to take part in markets, panels and juries.

Andrea Iannetta was born in Rome on the 25th of January 1982. He completed the compulsory education in 2001, at the humanistic high school T. Mamiani of Rome with the mark of 82/100. After that, he undertook the degree course in Philosophy at the University La Sapienza in Rome.  In December 2005, he completed the B.A. in Philosophy with a mark of 110 on 110, honorem (Full marks). From October 2006 to January 2012 he has studied at the Film & Television Institute of India in Pune (F.T.I.I.), where he has completed the three years Post Graduated Course in Film Direction.

Jane McDowell‘s work spans theatre, film, television and radio. She recently won two Best Actress awards at the Tokyo Short Shorts International Film Festival Asia and FILMETS Badalona Film Festival for the short film The Mass of Men. Other screen work includes a leading role in the award-winning British feature film Twelve In A Box and leading roles in television dramas and short films.  She has recorded plays and poetry readings for the BBC, many audio books and works regularly as a voice artist. She holds an MA in Performance Studies from Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

Francesco Saverio Marzaduri, born in Bologna in 1977, graduated from the Department of Music and Performing Arts of the University of Bologna with full marks and “dignity of printing”. He organized film forums. He collaborates as film critic with several blogs and film magazines, both online and traditional. In 2012, he wrote an essay called Noul Val – Il nuovo cinema romeno 1989-2009, published by Archetipo and distributed by CLUEB publishing house.

Michele Bernardi – Finale Emilia, 1950. He attended a two-year course for professional animators at Secondo Bignardi’s studio in Modena and started his career as professional animator for GLM, working at the production of the first series of Altan’s Pimpa and Cavandoli’s La Linea. He worked for commercials like Barilla Mulino Bianco, Chicco, Ikea Germania, Istat, and Pomellato and he animated a series of commercials for Rai3. With the short films -Djuma- and -Senza Testa- he obtained important international recognitions.

Eleonora Berra – Award-winning stop motion animator, Eleonora Berra explores unusual materials and techniques to take her audience into surreal and provocative worlds.  During her Bachelor’s studies at Hochschule Luzern, Eleonora wrote, directed, and animated a stop motion film with Delia Hess and Shami Lang entitled Partition. In the resulting motion-picture, two neighbors live an isolated existence, unaware of each other and separated by a fragile paper wall. Over time the wall deteriorates until one day, a mysterious light flickers and changes everything.

Regina Pessoa was born in Coimbra (Portugal) in 1969. Graduated from Oporto’s Fine Arts School in 1999, she directed and animated her first independent film The Night. In 2005 she directed Tragic Story with Happy Ending and in 2012 she directed Kali the little Vampire. In all these films she has used different engraving techniques, from plaster to computer or, as she likes to say: “from stone to Pixel”. Her films have won several prizes around the world.